Katie Trombetta

Katie Trombetta CrossFit Games’ten 4 yıl banlandı. CrossFit sporcusu Katie Trombetta, CrossFit Games’ten dört yıl boyunca yasaklandı. Bu yasak doping ihlali sonucunda uygulanmıştır.

Katie , 2014 yılından beri CrossFit Open’da yarışıyor. İlk çıkışını geçtiğimiz Ağustos ayında CrossFit Games’te yarışarak yaptı. Etkinlikte 44. sırada yer aldı. Yarışmanın ardından Katie doping testinden geçemediği haberini aldı. Instagram üzerinden GW1516 ve Ostarine metabolitleri için doping testinde başarısız olduğunu belirtti.

Bunun sonucunda da dört yıl boyunca CrossFit Games yarışmalarından yasaklandı. Bu sonuçlarla savaştığını söylese de, 72 saat geçtiği için itiraz etme hakkını kaybetmiş oldu.

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I’ve typed up this post quite a few times over the past month, and every time I abandon it because I can’t get my words right. I’d like to be completely transparent and honest about what has been one of the hardest periods of my life thus far. • At the end of August I got notification that I failed my drug test at the CrossFit Games. They found metabolites of GW1516 and Ostarine in my sample. The email was sent to my old email that I rarely check, and I missed the 72 hour deadline to dispute CrossFit’s findings. When I finally saw the email in September, I asked for an extension, and it was denied. I got one phone call to notify me of the results, and was coaching when it came through, didn’t recognize the number, so didn’t think anything of it. • I did not knowingly take these compounds they found in my system. GW1516 and Ostarine are two of the most common substances found in contaminated supplements. If you don’t know anything about the supplement industry, it’s very loosely regulated, and 1/3 to 1/2 of all supplements have something in them that isn’t listed on the label. I admit I was not as careful as I could have been leading up to the Games. I used other people’s pre-workouts, protein, creatine, and I take over the counter melatonin, calcium, and vitamin C. Anything I was taking could have had these compounds present. It’s upwards of $1000 per sample to test for unknown substances, and that is impossible financially for me. • I understand I’m responsible for what I put in my body, but I also have been unable to convince CrossFit to allow me to see my lab results to get an idea of the amounts in my system at the time. Since I missed the deadline, my B sample was refused as well. It’s very likely I will never know the cause of the positive test. • I have a 4 year ban from CrossFit. I won’t be competing after the 4 years. I’ll be 32. I’m too impatient and too angry with the sport that’s harshly punishing me for a mistake to wait that out. I am still allowed to compete in Sanctionals (if the individual sanctionals approve), or any competition not ran by CrossFit, but I can’t do the Open or compete to go to the Games. -continued in comments…

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Katie dört yıllık yasaklama süresi bittiğinde tekrardan rekabet etmeyeceğini söylüyor. Çok yaşlı olacağını ve bu spora çok kızdığını da belirtiyor. Bu durum Katie’yi gerçekten olumsuz etkiledi. O sadece acemiydi ve bu nedenle kariyerini bu şekilde kısa kestiğini görmek de üzücü. CrossFit Games kurallarını açıkça belirtmektedir. Bu bir CrossFit üyesinin kuralları biraz ileri götürmesindeki ilk örnek değildi.


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